Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Top Bitcoin Faucets

Here is a list of the internet's best and top paying Bitcoin faucets.  Feel free to check back next week for the next top 5.  
What is a Bitcoin faucet? 
Answer - It a site that gives away Free Bitcoin in exchange for your visit.
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1. 777Bitco.in - This is my favorite of the week. They offer one of the largest payouts every hour, and they have a 2 level referral system which helps make a lot of extra satoshi. 777bitco.in

2. SuperBitco.in - This faucet is basically 777bitcoins little sister. The payouts are just as big, but the referral program is market average.

3. JewleryBitco.in - Designed for the ladies, this faucet has a high enough payout for the fellas. It is very clean and simple. It also includes a 30% referral bonus.


4. Coindigger.co - Finally a faucet that has something different. This one has a dig for gold game that determines how much you earn. It seems like the lowest prize is 650 satoshi, so it's pretty good. They don't have banners yet so just click the link in the title.

5. Bitcoinaliens.com - This is a fun themed faucet with a 25% referral bonus. It's clean, easy and fast.